Dikaios: Consultants to Religious Congregations

Dikaios: a law firm and a network specialised in providing 360-degree support to Religious Congregations.

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Dikaios: Consultants to Religious Congregations

Dikaios is the only international law firm assisting Religious Congregations and Entities by providing services through a network of industry specialists: civil litigators and canon law attorneys; mediators and negotiators; experts in communication and academic lecturers; qualified accountants; tax consultants; architects and engineers. The professionals working with Dikaios know that the relationship between the lay and ecclesiastical worlds must always be managed with care, in order to reconcile a plurality of languages, cultures, and legal systems. Dikaios also produces events where industry professionals share their expertise and educate Religious Congregations, engaging them in lively discussions on a variety of topics, including property management, taxation, labour laws, and privacy. Dikaios is also the sponsor of a special conciliation body dedicated to civil disputes to which a Congregation is a party, the first of its kind in Italy: CAEE Service.

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Pierre Fortin

Lawyer, Founder of Dikaios
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The Dikaios Team includes professionals who are leaders in their fields, all of whom are specialised in consultancy for Religious Congregations. Find out more about our Team by clicking a topic area.

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Religious Congregations are bona-fide citizens of the community, with all the attendant responsibilities, but with rights too. Both must be protected. This is Dikaios’ raison d’être.

Pierre Fortin - Founder
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Articles that delve into topics of interest to Religious Congregations, written by our experts.

28 March 2023


Training for members and lay employees/collaborators who process personal data is not just a bureaucratic issue The European Privacy Regulation No. 679/2016 (GDPR), as well as the General Decree of...

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2 November 2022


Religious Congregations are rethinking the management of their administrative burdens in a way that allows them to focus on their particular charisma and mission *** Provinces, houses and institutes...

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28 October 2022

Data Privacy Obligations and Religious Congregatio...

Is your entity a Data Controller, a Joint Controller or a Data Processor?   Why does this question matter to Religious Institutes? In summary, a “Controller” is an entity that, alone or ...

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