28 October 2019

Archivists and the GDPR: Dikaios Addresses a Number of Concerns

During a meeting held on 8 October 2019, Dikaios responded to a series of questions and concerns posed by a group of archivists regarding their responsibilities, their relationship with the Data Controller, and data-processing procedures.

It is well-known that archivists process a large quantity of personal data, some of which is sensitive data. Thus, data-processing and data-retention policies, and more importantly any notices provided to the public, must set forth the archive-management policy.

We would note three core questions amongst the many issues tackled during the event:

  • How are the data of deceased members of the congregation handled?
  • If a member leaves a congregation, how must his/her data be handled under the GDPR?
  • For those congregations headquartered outside the EU, does the GDPR apply to data exchanged with non-EU countries? And if so, to what extent?

During a wide-ranging discussion, archivists had the opportunity to delve into these and other issues they have squared up against with the introduction of Europe’s new privacy regulations.

Dikaios’ mission is to make congregations’ lives simpler as they engage with the rules of the non-religious world. We hope that the programme represented a big step forward in the pursuit of this mission.

If your congregation maintains an archive and wishes to receive clarification regarding the management of the same from the perspective of the GDPR, you may contact us at info@dikaios.international or ring us on +39 06 3671 2232.

Team Dikaios


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