21 December 2018

Religious Entities’ Legal Representatives: Acts of Special Administration

Over the course of a religious institution’s life cycle, it is possible that in addition to ordinary business matters, one must make decisions and choices of special importance. This could be, for example, the purchase or sale of real estate, or any conveyance or sale of an asset with artistic or historica...

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6 November 2018

Legal Representatives for Religious Institutions

Religious Institutes (“RI”), as is well known, conduct their operations under the governance of canon law. Such institutions are not an isolated microcosm, however; indeed, liaising with their economic and commercial counterparts is now more important than ever. Therefore, religious institutions must ha...

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17 November 2017

Announcing the Non-Profit Act

A set of laws known as the “Non-Profit Act” has recently been approved Based on the newly enacted Legislative Decree 117/2017, statutorily recognised religious organisations may fall into the new category known as the Non-profit Sector provided: They meet certain objective criteria, meaning ...

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24 October 2017

A few clarifications on the automatic exchange of financial information

For those persons who were present at the Treasurers meeting on December 17, 2014, here are a few clarifications deriving from questions raised by a member: a) What is the significance of the January 1, 2018 date? On January 1, 2018 the automatic exchange of financial information agreed upon by nearly 1...

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24 October 2017

Special conciliation and arbitration chamber for religious congregations

Does the thought of having to sue or, even worse, being sued in an Italian court give you cold sweats? You've read or heard about the interminable lengths of litigation in Italy, its costs and byzantine procedures? Have you sworn to yourself that you would do whatever it took not to get caught-up in this mess...

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26 June 2020
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Employment and related issues in the “relaunch d...

1. Inclusion of the “Non-profit sector” (Terzo Settore) among the beneficiaries of the measures With the Cura Italia decree, the legislator had "omitted" the Non-profit sector (NPOs), although th...

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6 March 2020

Tax-Labor Day 2020 – 6th edition of Dikaios&...

Dikaios’ workshops are back with the 6th edition of the Tax-Labor Day. We will update you with the latest news regarding taxation and labor law in Italy, which are of interest for Religious Congr...

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13 November 2019

Employment relationship within Religious Entities:...

In this document, we want to give an initial introduction to one of the most recent, as well as one of the most important, regulations for entities with employees: workplace safety. This topic is a...

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