22 May 2019

Dikaios property management seminar 2019: a success

This Spring Dikaios organized a highly successful seminar on Property Management: 35 Congregations – with more than 50 brothers and sisters – were present at the Auditorium Antonianum in Viale Manzoni, for a full day of talks and reflection in the course of which we also had the opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences over lunch.

We thank all of you who participated as well as those who have shown their interest but could not be there: your enthusiasm fills us with pride. Dikaios’ mission is to assist Religious Congregations in all aspects of their civil lives. With the event of last May 22, we tried to shine a light on certain issues concerning property management, which are of interest to many of you.

You can find the slides in “.pdf” format of the 4 speeches given by our experts at the following links. The slides are in English and may be downloaded by clicking on the relevant title:

The Property Management Seminar 2019 is only the latest of a series of events organized by Dikaios every year.

If you are interested in discussing some of the issues addressed during the Property Management Seminar 2019 or in case you need assistance, email us at info@dikaios.international or give us a call at +39 06 3671 2232. We will be happy to help you in every phase of the property managements.

Team Dikaios


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