24 October 2017

INPS vouchers: a handy tool for religious congregations

What are the Vouchers?

INPS Vouchers (service vouchers) are a payment system employers can use to pay contract workers (for ancillary services provided an occasional basis, outside a normal employment contract).


Can Religious Congregations use the Vouchers as payment?

Yes, because as non-profit organizations they are included in the list provided byINPS.


What are the advantages for Religious Congregations using thesevouchers?

These organizations can benefit from obtaining professional services (such as those of a gardener, plumber, or painter) in full compliance with the law, because these vouchers allow the congregations to fully meet their social-security (INPS) and insurance (INAIL) obligations.


Who can be paid by Voucher?

Retirees; students during vacation periods;unemployed and never-employed persons; workers with permanent full-time or part-time contracts, provided such occasional work is not done for their primary employer; non-EU citizens with residence permits.


In what denominations may the Vouchers be purchased?

  • € 10 > (€ 7.50 in net compensation, with the remainder paid to INPS and INAIL);
  • € 20 > (€ 15.00 in net compensation, with the remainder paid to INPS and INAIL);
  • € 50 > (€ 37.50 in net compensation, with the remainder paid to INPS and INAIL).


Are there caps on the distribution of Vouchers?

The maximum annual income any individual worker may receive by voucher is € 9,333.00 gross / €7,000.00 net.

The maximum receivable from any single employer is €2,693.00 gross / €2,020.00 net (for any January 1 – December 31 reference period).


Where can you buy Vouchers?

Using the INPS online procedure; at sometobacconists’ shops; through the Intesa San Paolo online banking service; at participating banks; at any post office.


What steps must a Religious Organization take prior to engaging any worker using the Voucher system?

Provide official notice to INPS (required: there are heavy fines for failing to comply).
Request the worker provide an affidavit, in which he/she swears or affirms that:
the value of voucher-payments received in any calendar year shall not exceed € 9,333.00 (gross);
and the value ofvoucher-payments received in any calendar year from the Religious Organization shall not exceed € 2,666.00 (gross).

How and when can Vouchers be redeemed?

Within 1 year (24 months for those distributed at INPS offices) of the issue date. The worker must go to a participating bank or tobacconist’s shop, and present his National Health Identification Card or his Electronic National Identity Card.


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